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Trust me, I’m NOT a doctor

June 19th, 2012 by Richard Watts

Who would you trust to give you a business loan, who would you trust with your savings and investments?  Trust is at the root of most business funding, especially peer to business (P2B) lending so what do you expect from financial brands, and what makes you trust them?  Read our thoughts about trust and then […]

The BBC reported yesterday that payday lenders have “agreed to prevent a build-up of unmanageable debts by struggling customers.” The changes will mean that lenders will “freeze charges and interest for borrowers in difficulty, no later than 60 days after they stop making payments.  Borrowers would also have their charges frozen as soon as they […]

Business funding – just what is the issue limiting funding for business in the UK?  Do banks not want to lend? Or, do businesses not want to borrow?  That’s the long running debate that’s run and run throughout the British media, but, whatever the case might have been, new research by Experian shows there are […]

P2P Lending: Many lenders make light work

May 8th, 2012 by Richard Watts

Peer to peer lending, including the type of business funding that people to business lenders like FundingKnight offer relies on matching up lots of individual lenders to fund one business loan.  This maximises returns for lenders and helps make P2P Lending better value for all concerned compared to traditional bank business loans.  Today, we explain […]


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  • RT @Carbon_Acc: There were 4.9 million SMEs in the UK in 2013, which was over 99% of all business ,
  • The UK's sector has broken the £1 billion barrier This is great news for the industry and .,
  • Young entrepreneurs would look to Lord Sugar as a business mentor Who would you choose as your business mentor?,
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  • RT @DorsetChamber: Business springs into life over Easter holidays ,
  • RT @CobiaUK: That One in five SMEs plan to contribute more than the minimum for auto-enrolment ,