Commercial Property loan


Borrow £250,000 to £5million from our investor community to improve, purchase or refinance property.


Apply for a Commercial property loan 

FundingKnight Commercial Property loans

FundingKnight Commercial property loans can be used for properties such as hotels, offices, schools, shops, warehouses and restaurants in England and Wales.

Loan terms range from 3 months to 5 years and repayment can be structured on an interest-only, interest roll-up or partially amortising basis.

  • UK-based Ltd or LLP companies
  • Monthly rates from 0.8%
  • Max LTV 70%
  • Properties in England or Wales
  •  Loan terms up to 60 months

Commercial Property loan - Shankley Hotel

Monthly interest rates from just 0.80%
Fast access to finance – decision in principle within 24 hours
First charge security only
Borrow up to 70% loan to value with loans from £250,000 to £5million
Flexible terms available from 3 months to 5 years

How to acquire a peer-to-peer Commercial Property loan through FundingKnight

Step 1 

Simply register and give us some basic details about you and your Commercial Property loan requirements.

We’ll then call to discuss your application and see how we can help.

Step 2 

Your dedicated FundingKnight property underwriter will help review your documents with you before submission for underwriting approval. Once successful, we’ll agree a maximum interest rate with you and make a loan offer.

Step 3 

When you accept the offer, your loan will go to auction. Our investors typically have up to 7 days to bid for a stake in your loan – the bids with the lowest interest rates win. You’ll get your loan on the day the auction closes.

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 “Some of the traditional bridging funders we put our enquiry to had only just responded by the time the loan was fully funded. That’s a real testament to how efficient FundingKnight and their staff have been.”

Alan Hill
Business Loans 4U