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Full control

Browse our detailed business profiles to make an informed investment decision – then choose which live auctions to bid on.

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Fast & flexible

Quickly build and diversify your portfolio in our Marketplace. Buy and sell investment parts easily with other crowdlenders.

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Hassle free

Short on time? Simply set your auction preferences, interest rate, investment amount and type of business and let Autobid do the work for you.

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Smart technology

Make your money work harder with our innovative Automatic Cash Withdrawal or choose to reinvest into a new auction.

David WIlliams peer-to-peer investor

FundingKnight’s customer service is excellent. My experiences lead me to believe that their staff are dedicated to meeting the needs of customers.

David Williams 

FundingKnight investor

Lynn Emm peer-to-peer investor

It is most pleasant and reassuring to come across the personal touch in the business world and I do appreciate their time.

Lynn Emm

FundingKnight investor

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Risk Warning: Investment through the FundingKnight lending platform involves making direct loans to borrowers. You could lose all or part of your capital. Selling loan parts through our Marketplace is on a matched basis; there is no guarantee that sale offers will be purchased. Indicated returns, unless otherwise stated, are shown before any provision for bad debts and may be subject to tax. FundingKnight is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

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Business loans

Lend to hundreds of hand-picked British businesses.

Property Bridging

Secured, short-term investments in a range of commercial and residential property.

Green Energy

Support businesses funding renewable energy projects.