Invest in hand Picked British Businesses and Property Back Loans.

Automated, high quality peer-to-peer lending for the institutional investor


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Why institutions invest with Fundingknight

The right fit

We welcome all types of investors and institutions are an important part of the mix. You can elect to invest in some of our loan products, or across all types of loan.

Fast & flexible

It’s easy to build, trade and diversify your portfolio in our Marketplace.

Automated investment

We are currently building an automated feed to our investor platform, allowing institutions to connect through their own systems.

Money at work 24/7

Whether you reinvest or withdraw income automatically, your money is always working.

A wide range of investments to suit your style

Business loans

Lend to hundreds of approved British businesses

Commercial Property

Secured investments in a range of Commercial Property loans

Green Energy

Invest in businesses committed to sustainable technology 

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Investor guide

Download our complete guide to investing (PDF)