Green Energy Loans


Finance a wind farm, solar energy unit, tidal, biomass or other renewable energy project. Borrow up to £3million over 3 years with flexible repayment options.


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How to get a flexible crowdfunded loan through FundingKnight

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Simply register and give us some basic details about you and the loan you need.

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Your dedicated FundingKnight credit analyst will help review your documents with you before we assess your application. Once successful, we’ll agree a maximum interest rate with you and make a loan offer.

Step 3 

When you accept the offer your loan will go to auction. Our investors typically have up to 7 days to bid for a stake in your loan – the bids with the lowest interest rates win. You’ll get your loan on the day the auction closes.

Find out more information in our     Guide to Green Energy  loans

Wind farm on a beach with lots of visitors

Borrow up to £3million

Over 3 years

Average interest rates from 9.64%

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Please answer all of the questions below and we shall pass your details onto our partner who will provide more information on your enquiry. Is this loan right for me?
  • UK Limited Company or LLP Special Purpose Vehicle or existing business
  • Experienced operators / installers
  • Planning consent
  • Grid connection
  • Grid connection
  • Feed-in-tariff confirmed
  • Professional valuation
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The FundingKnight guide to Green Energy Loans 

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Find answers to the most common questions about our Green Energy Loans – including interest rates, fees, eligibility, and terms.

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Everything you need to know about the application process. See what we need from you, when we need it and why. You’ll also find advice on how to ‘pitch’ your project to our investor community.

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What happens after your application is approved? Discover how our loan auctions work, when you’ll get your money, and how you will repay it.

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