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How to become a borrower £7,983,000 Loans funded 80 Loans available 1 Live auctions

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We fill 100% of our business loans and you'll receive the money on the same day the loan ends.

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Achieve average gross returns of 10.7%* with Peer-to-Business Crowdlending.

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What is Crowdlending?

also known as Peer-to-Business or P2B Lending

Crowdlending is a way of connecting individuals or organisations (the Crowd) who have funds to invest (lend) with businesses that wish to borrow money via a web based auction platform.

Having been shown information on each loan on offer, Lenders on the platform decide on the rate of interest they wish to bid on each loan through a reverse auction bidding process. At the time the auction closes, those bidders with the lowest interest rates will each own a part of the loan.

By putting the ‘Crowd’ directly in touch with the borrowers, the Lenders are able to earn a good rate of interest on their investment. By making it possible for Lenders to compete for a part of the loan, the borrowers are then able to benefit from fast access to finance at competitive rates.

Who are FundingKnight?

Chief Executive, Graeme Marshall

explains how FundingKnight solves problems for both investors and borrowers



You are only 3 steps away from making your first investment.
You can start with as little as £25.
It’s FREE to register and FREE to invest.
Earn 10.7%* average interest rate.

Registering with FundingKnight is a straightforward process. Simply click on the link and follow the online instructions. We will ask you for some basic details, carry out some identity checks and you’re good to go! Once you’ve received the email confirming your acceptance as a Lender, you can log in and view the live auctions, loan parts for sale and start earning a better rate on your savings right away!

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* The average gross interest rate quoted for auctions closing over the last 3 months is 10.7%, which equates to an equivalent net rate (pre-tax) of 9.0%.

The interest rates calculated above have been weighted by amount of capital, across all lengths of loan and Shield Ratings. The equivalent net rates take into account payments already made by borrowers and provision for estimated future bad debts based on Shield Ratings. Calculated on 21st July 2014, for auctions closing on and after 21st April 2014.

Risk Warning: Investment through the FundingKnight lending platform involves making direct loans to companies. You could lose all or part of your capital. Selling loan parts through our Loan Exchange is on a matched basis; there is no guarantee that sale offers will be purchased. Indicated returns, unless otherwise stated, are shown before any provision for bad debts and may be subject to tax. We advise all investors through the platform to spread their investments widely and thus avoid concentration risk.

  • £7,983,000 Loans funded
  • 80 Loans available
  • 1 Live auctions


Get the funding you need, with fast decisions, flexible terms and competitive rates

  • Business Loans available from £25,000 - £250,000
  • Property Bridging Loans available from £100,000 - £500,000

Apply now by completing our simple forms and speak directly to our friendly Lending Team who will tell you within one working day if your application qualifies. We specialise in providing flexible loans to help you get the funding you need, when you need it.

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Business Loan and Property Bridging Loan product usage explained

Working capitalyesno
Capital expenditureyesno
Stock financeyesno
Contract fulfilment & expansionyesno
Property improvementsyesyes
Purchase or improvement of commercial propertynoyes
Purchase or improvement of residential property noyes
Purchase or improvement of buy-to-let propertiesnoyes
Refinancing of any of the abovenoyes
Speculative purchase of landnono
Loans to owner-occupiers of residential propertynono
Farms, stables, kennels & other agricultural holdingsyesno
Public houses, nightclubs & cinemasyesno
Non-conforming or unusual propertiesnono
Scotland and Northern Irelandyesno
England and Walesyesyes

How borrowing works

Head of Lending, Martin Keighery explains how to secure a loan with FundingKnight